Nothing Succeeds Like Success: Smaller-Diameter Copper Tube Use Grows

The Copper Alliance Shares MicroGroove Successes at the 2014 AHR Expo

New York, NY (20 January 2014) — According to the International Copper Association (ICA) and the Copper Development Association (CDA), smaller diameter copper tubes are being adopted by more and more companies as heat exchanger engineers, ACR product designers, coil makers and OEMs become more acquainted with MicroGroove technology.

The Copper Alliance will share its MicroGroove successes at the AHR Expo in New York, looking back at its successes and ahead to further goals for 2014 and beyond. Visit Booth 5803 to learn more about this game-changing technology. Since the technology debuted three years ago at the 2011 AHR Expo in Las Vegas, MicroGroove applications have proliferated. The technology is now well established in the manufacture of room air-conditioners and is also penetrating the commercial ACR marketplace.

ICA continues to support research projects leading to technical paper presentations at major conferences. Papers have been delivered on many topics, such optimizing tube circuitry and fin design; software programs for developing commercial heat exchangers; reducing refrigerant volume for use with new refrigerants and natural refrigerants; and the use of smaller diameter tubes in heat pump applications.

Already, larger condensers and commercial applications have also been successfully developed by Super Radiator Coils, the LU-VE Group and Goodman Manufacturing as summarized in the Addendum below.

“There is an industry shift toward smaller diameter tubes as the advantages become clearly evident and the manufacturing techniques proven practical,” says Robert Weed, VP of OEM for the Copper Development Association. “The Copper Alliance and its member companies will support this transition through research and cooperation within the ACR industry.”

Manufacturers are eyeing the development of all-copper heat exchangers made of MicroGroove tubes and copper fins. All copper coils offer improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance, partly due to the antimicrobial properties of copper as well as the higher thermal conductivity of copper.

In 2014, look for more technical papers on MicroGroove to be presented at international conferences. Also, in the months ahead, the Copper Alliance will exhibit MicroGroove at ACREX India and China Refrigeration.

For information on MicroGroove, visit In the three years since its launch, the content of the MicroGroove website has expanded considerably. Dozens of links to technical papers can now be found online as well as links to recordings of the MicroGroove webinars. Back issues of the popular MicroGroove Update newsletter can also be downloaded, including the “In the Spotlight” section focusing on a particular product application, manufacturing technique or industry leader. You can subscribe to the MicroGroove Update eNews via the website.



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