Kelon Split Unit with MicroGroove Technology Uses Less Material and Consumes Less Energy, Says International Copper Association

New York, NY (April 22, 2011) — The International Copper Association today announced that a 2600 W split-unit, room air-conditioner from the Kelon Corporation uses coils made with MicroGroove™ technology. The use of smaller-diameter copper tubes in the evaporators of the split units resulted in a higher coefficient of performance while reducing the total weight of tube material.

Compared to previous designs, which used slightly larger diameter copper tubes, the weight of the copper in the evaporator coils was reduced by more than one-third while the cooling capacity increased slightly. In this case, the tube diameter was incrementally decreased from 7 mm to 5 mm. The evaporator coils in the previous model required 0.85 kg of copper in comparison to only 0.56 kg in the optimized model. The coefficient of performance (COP) was raised from 3.09 to 3.16. The charge of R410a refrigerant was decreased from 840 g to 700 g.

Further reduction of tube diameter and coil material is under investigation. ICA has been cooperating with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and Kelon on the use of smaller diameter copper tubes in ACR products that can be manufactured using familiar methods. The cooperative projects also encompass the use of MicroGroove technology in condenser coils, and the optimization of other system parameters such as fin configuration, refrigerant volume and refrigerant flow rates.

“This project demonstrates an essential development in the design of compact high-efficiency room air conditioners,” says Nigel Cotton, Global OEM Team Leader for the ICA. “Cooperative projects are ongoing with several major OEMs who are already realizing material savings and hence greater competitiveness through MicroGroove Technology.”

The ICA will detail the optimized design of ACR products in Prague at the International Congress of Refrigeration from August 23-26. Webinars on June 15 and June 22 will outline how MicroGroove copper tubes can increase the energy efficiency of ACR products. For more information, visit

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