MicroGroove Update Newsletter

Please email Harry Schmitz (hschmitz@kellencompany.com) with information about any MicroGroove research or application that would be suitable for a future issue of MicroGroove Update.

Volume Thirteen 2023

Vol. 13 Issue 1 

Main Topic: Heat Pumps Coming to America
In the Spotlight: HPC
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Vol. 13 Issue 2 

Main Topic: Heat Pumps Take Center Stage in Paris (ICR 2023. Part One)
In the Spotlight: HxSim
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Vol. 13 Issue 3 

Main Topic: ICR 2023. Part Two
In the Spotlight: LU-VE


Volume Twelve 2022

Vol. 12 Issue 1

Main Topic: Heat Pumps Gain Popularity in China
In the Spotlight: USST Conducts Research on Heat Exchangers for Refrigerated Display Cabinets
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Vol. 12 Issue 2A

Main Topic: Europe Turns Up Heat on Heat Pumps
(Interclima & Chillventa 2022)
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Vol. 12 Issue 2B

In the Spotlight: Karyer
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Volume Eleven 2021

Vol. 11 Issue 1

Main Topic: Virtual Conferences Focus on Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling 
In the Spotlight: Lordan Rises to Meet Challenges with Heat-Exchanger Expertise and Excellence in Manufacturing
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Vol. 11 Issue 2

Main Topic: Simulations: CoilDesigner, HPDM & HXSim
In the Spotlight: Thermophysical Properties and Transport Properties of Refrigerants (TPTPR)‎
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Volume Ten 2020

Vol. 10 Issue 1

October 2020
Main Topic: Europe is Ecofriendly
In the Spotlight: shecco & ATMOsphere Conferences
Online version

Vol. 10 Issue 2

December 2020
Main Topic: Net-Zero-Carbon Goals
In the Spotlight: Heat Pump Water Heaters
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Volume Nine 2019

Vol. 9 Issue 1

July 2019
Main Topic: Asia Leads the Way
In the Spotlight: HXSim Simulation Tool
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Vol. 9 Issue 2

December 2019
Main Topic: Copper Tubes Thrive in India
In the Spotlight: International Congress of Refrigeration
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Volume Eight 2018

Vol. 8 Issue 1

January 2018
Main Topic: MicroGroove versus Aluminum
In the Spotlight: Sub-Zero
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Vol. 8 Issue 2

October 2018
Main Topic: MicroGroove spans the Globe -- The Americas
In the Spotlight: Microgroove Research at Purdue Herrick Conferences
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Volume Seven 2017

Vol. 7 Issue 1

May 2017
Main Topic: Heat Pumps
In the Spotlight: Friedrich
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Vol. 7 Issue 2

June 2017
Main Topic: Natural Refrigerants
In the Spotlight: MTL Cool
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Volume Six 2016

Vol. 6 Issue 1 
June 2016
Main Topic: Diverse Applications
In the Spotlight: Pro Refrigeration Brewery Application
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Vol. 6 Issue 2
November 2016
Main Topic: Research on MicroGroove Tubes
In the Spotlight: UNFCCC, COP21 and the Montreal Protocol
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Vol. 6 Issue 3
December 2016
Main Topic: Airside Research
In the Spotlight: Coils for Low-GWP Refrigerants
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Volume Five 2015

Vol. 5 Issue 1
April 2015
Main Topic: Manufacturers Step Up
In the Spotlight: CoilDesigner Software
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Vol. 5 Issue 2
July 2015
Main Topic: New Copper Tube Technologies
In the Spotlight: Heat Transfer Solutions / Heatcraft
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Vol. 5 Issue 3
Dec 2015
Main Topic: New Pressure-Expansion Equipment
In the Spotlight: Phoenix from Burr OAK Tool Inc.
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Volume Four 2014

Vol. 4 Issue 1
Jan 2014
Main Topic: A Brief History of MicroGroove
In the Spotlight: Goodman
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Vol. 4 Issue 2
May 2014
Main Topic: Microgroove Research
In the Spotlight: Chigo
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Vol. 4 Issue 3
October 2014
Main Topic: Research Synopses from 2014 Purdue Conferences
In the Spotlight: Cold Chain in China
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Volume Three 2013

Vol. 3 Issue 1
Jan 2013
Main Topic: MicroGroove at AHR Expo
In the Spotlight: Super Radiator Coils
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Vol. 3 Issue 2
June 2013
Main Topic: New Applications for MicroGroove
In the Spotlight: SPIROTECH
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Vol. 3 Issue 3
October 2013
Main Topic: MicroGroove Successes Spur New Research
In the Spotlight: LU-VE NanoGIANT
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Volume Two 2012

Vol. 2 Issue 1
Jan 2012
Main Topic: Technology Trends
In the Spotlight: Chigo Split System
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Vol. 2 Issue 2
Mar 2012
Main Topic: Manufacturing
In the Spotlight: Burr Oak Tool Inc.
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Vol. 2 Issue 3
June 2012
Main Topic: Principles of Design
In the Spotlight: Professor Guoliang Ding, SJTU, Shanghai, China
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Vol. 2 Issue 4
Sept 2012
Main Topic: Purdue Conferences Recap
In the Spotlight:  Shanghai Buses
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Volume One: Quarterly in 2011

Vol. 1 Issue 1
May 2011
Premiere Issue 
Topics: OEMs, CR-Expo
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Vol. 1 Issue 2
Aug 2011
Prague Issue 
Topics: IIR Congress, ICA-SJTU joint research paper 
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Vol. 1 Issue 3
Dec 2011
Future Technology Issue 
Topics: Natural refrigerants, antimicrobial materials
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