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Asia Leads the Way with MicroGroove Technology

 Shanghai, China (8 April 2019) – The ACR Industry is truly global with respect to supply and demand for every product category. One can find cold-vending machines, refrigerated display cases, heat pumps and air conditioners practically anyplace there are electric outlets available.

Indian OEMs Discover the Advantages of Smaller-Diameter Copper Tubes

 Mumbai, India (27 February 2019) — According to the International Copper Association, smaller diameter copper tubes increasingly are used in air conditioning and refrigeration applications in South Asia. A round tube, plate fin heat exchanger provides superior drainage and is easier to clean than a microchannel heat exchanger with serpentine fins sandwiched between ribbon-like multichannel tubes.

Smaller-Diameter Copper Tube Use Grows in China and Rest of World

 Improved Simulation Software Opens Door to New Applications for Copper Tubes

R600a Appliances Benefit from the MicroGroove Advantage, Says ICA

Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes Allow for Smaller Volumes of Flammable Refrigerant

Simulations Support Eco-Friendly Designs of MicroGroove Heat Exchangers

ICA and OTS Collaborate with Friedrich on Drop-in Replacement for Higher SEER Rating
New York, New York (6 September 2017) –The International Copper Association, Inc. (ICA) and Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc.

MicroGroove Dominates in Cool Display Cabinets with Propane as Refrigerant

Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes Allow for Smaller Volumes of A3 Flammable Refrigerant
New York, New York (8 August 2017) – According to the International Copper Association, Inc. (ICA),  MicroGroove has played a key role in the development of refrigeration systems made with 150 grams of propane (R290).
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